TV and Digital Journalist | Storyteller | Specialist on Immersive Narratives
Eduardo Acquarone

Experienced journalist and a PhD student in Communication Sciences at the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa with a thesis on Immersive Journalism and Virtual and Augmented Realities: "Immersed in the news: How VR can help journalism solve real problems"

Digital Emmy Non-Fiction finalist in 2011 for Globo Amazônia, a collaborative news portal that engaged users in making nearly 55 million virtual protests.

2015 Fellow at CUNY's Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism in New York.

Founder of Flying Content, a digital storytelling company which believes that location is one of the most important elements for meaningful experiences.


Creator of Globo Amazônia, an award-winning project
Digital Emmy Non-Fiction finalist in 2011 for Globo Amazônia, a collaborative news portal that engaged users in making nearly 55 million virtual protests against the deforestation of the Rain Forest.
The project, the first in Brazil that mixed Broadcast TV, Social Media, user interaction and scientific data, used different tools to engage viewers of the most important TV show in the country to promoted actions against the burning and deforestation of the Amazon Forest. The picture above shows an interview at the late night Programa do Jô.

Director and producer of 360 videos for G1
Immersive Journalism: A Manifesto
On November 23, 2019, during the IV Hyper VR Festival, the event created by Fabio Hofnik in Brazil, journalists and researchers Carlos Turdera, Eduardo Acquarone, Gibby Zobel and Damián Kirzner, spoke in the Immersive Journalism panel.

Issues such as the profession's credibility crisis, funding model and distribution platforms were analysed along with themes of narrative, audience and ethics that emerge from the evolution of devices to create and view stories in 360 and virtual reality.

Coming together through mutual interest in what was provisionally called Immersive Journalism, the speakers decided to record their thoughts in a document that could contribute not only to the debate on the process, but also to encourage the experimentation of techniques of production and exhibition of this content.

As a result of this initiative, this document is being shared among journalists, media entrepreneurs, students and any content producer interested in developing stories that can be experienced in these environments in the emerging global media ecosystem.



Articles and Podcasts
Realidade Virtual: Passado lisérgico, futuro distópico, presente alienante
A Realidade Virtual tem um problema desde seu início. Sempre foi muito difícil — quase impossível — descrever para outras pessoas qual a sensação que o usuário tem ao colocar um visor especial sobre os olhos e ser “transportado” para outra realidade, um mundo digital.
Jornalismo Imersivo: 5 experiências em VR e 5 em AR que você precisa ver
Como descrever uma sensação? Como falar daquele momento em que os pelos do braço se arrepiam e uma sensação estranha percorre a espinha? Como contar o deslumbramento com uma experiência nova?
Podcast: Primeiros Passos
Nesta entrevista, Eduardo Acquarone, editor executivo de projetos digitais na TV Globo, fala dos seus primeiros passos no jornalismo e de inovação digital

Tow-Knight Fellows Show Off Range of Entrepreneurial Projects

Twenty Tow-Knight Entrepreneurial Journalism fellows recently presented their startups during our fifth annual Demo Week. The projects ranged from newsroom training services to niche reporting platforms, from immersive podcasts to mobile products for underserved communities.
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